Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nurse Manager Skills

Skills that will assist you in managing the progress and accomplishments of your clinical team will also be an asset to your success in carrying out quality customer service. Adopting a good skill set is key.

Critical Thinking Skills will help you think clearly and purposefully to address the many complex problems faced in the world of patient care. You will need to quickly create solutions to problems impeding health care delivery, such as staffing issues, customer concerns, advances in technology and skill requirements of nurses under your supervision, etc.

Interpersonal Skills allows you to relate and communicate with others. During your day to day routine, you will relate and communicate with internal/external customers, patients, patients families, vendors, affiliates, and your colleagues.

Technical Skills addresses the proficient use technology to do work. In the Nurse Manager role, you will need to use e-mail for communication and computer programs for various projects and data collection. Procedural skills are assessing the progress or outcomes of work, implementing process improvements and best practices, facilitating staff development and increased knowledge in the field of nursing, and instigating shared governance.

Behavioral skills include organization and time management. Meeting deadlines will be a challenge but a requirement in the Nurse Manager role. Performing work with accuracy is another behavioral skill along with seeking out opportunities to improve and maintain knowledge and skills. This can be done through continuing education, using resources such as current health care journals, and through practice in this chosen profession. The Nurse Manager must also be responsible for maintaining safety in the workplace.

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