Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Decision To Become a Nurse Manager

Did you ever think of the specific reason or reasons you decided to become a Nurse Manager? My reason, I thought was simple. I felt I would have the opportunity to make positive changes for my organization, implement improvements in patient care, and lead people. This was my vision.

To be a Nurse Manager you must have the interest to share and develop ideas. You must demonstrate emotional intelligence while working with people and be excited about developing staff under your supervision. You would be a mentor and educator.

What I did not visualize as I decided to become a Nurse Manager, was the challenges and obstacles that being a leader would offer. You must be able to accept the challenges and obstacles as a common reality of the Nurse Manager role and use them as tremendous opportunities for professional growth. As you meet these challenges and obstacles, your demonstration of accomplishment will inspire staff under your supervision to succeed as well. Consider these issues when making the decision to pursue a Nurse Manager position. All people are not meant to lead.

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